Cresswell Industries has long been a supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the construction industry of robust earth moving equipment such as Wheel loader buckets, excavator buckets, hauler bodies and other larger -- heavier construction attachments.

We have gained our reputation through ingenuity, durability and reliability with long-standing partnerships while maintaining safe working conditions for our employees and believe in the safekeeping of the environment. Our facility is also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified in regards to quality and the environment.

We manufacture to the specifications and tolerances of our OEM clients whom continuously challenge our engineering and production teams to look for cost saving opportunities. We listen to the challenges of our clients and provide solutions that enable our OEM clients to supply quality attachments, which meet the objectives, the demand in accordance with pricing structure of the construction industry.

We’re stronger together

Cresswell is proud to be a part of the Nova Steel Manufacturing family, and to take part in a new steel world.


Here are some of the key sectors in which we do business.

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment

Our green vision

We care about our home, and are proudly using North American Steel, reducing the use of fossil fuels wherever we can. Our locations have all taken on the challenge to reduce our carbon footprint, and have invested in LED lighting, reducing our use of electricity and energy.